There are many types of vehicles, plant and machinery which can come into accidental contact with electrical power transmission lines in the course of a normal working day. Because of the layout of vehicles and the modern design standards for plant and machinery, most will not allow discharge of electricity directly to earth. Therefore, if they do become energised, by an inadvertent contact with power transmission lines, the only consequence is that their electrical potential rises but as there is not necessarily discharge there may be no outward signs at all to alert and warn operatives.

In such instances the equipment becomes an acute hazard for anybody working in the vicinity of the machine, vehicle or item of plant who may casually come into contact with it and by doing so, complete the circuit between energised parts of the equipment and the ground.

The Energised Alert when attached simply senses any increase of the electrical potential above a predetermined threshold. It then informs the operator by activating an alarm allowing him to recognise and try to create a safe resolution of this potentially deadly hazard in a controlled manner, thereby protecting himself, his workmates and any members of the public who may be in the vicinity from casual but more importantly, avoidable electrocution. 

Being "Energised Alert" has hidden benefits beyond the obvious because even the slightest contact will cause it to go off. That means that each and every accidental partial escape of the electrical potential in the conductors prompts an alarm. As a result, each and every event can be recognised and then used to analyse what went wrong. In this way, every event provides an opportunity for the workforce to gain experience from because avoidance of all such electrical discharge accidents through experience driven awareness, is the ultimate goal. 

The Energised Alert is protected by various international Patents.

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