Electrical safety information, just when its needed most.

Introducing the "Energised Alert" 

The Energised Alert is a simple idea that has far reaching Health and Safety implications for any companies whose operatives work in the vicinity of electrical power lines.

Click the brief animation (left) showing how the Energised Alert helps to protect workers and members of the public. 

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The Energised Alert has benefited from an Innovation Fund Incentive (IFI) grant. IFI grants were put in place by Ofgem, the industry regulator, to encourage innovation. The Energy Innovation Centre at Capenhurst played a significant role in helping us to secure this essential support.

The IFI funding was provided by:-

-          SP PowerSystems Ltd

-          Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution Plc.

-          Electricity North West Ltd

-          CE Electric UK Limited

The Energised Alert is designed specifically to intercept electrical discharge accidents in the making. 

However, perhaps more important than that function, the Energised Alert also has the potential to positively effect electrical safety culture. That is because it makes it possible for workers to learn from mistakes WITHOUT those mistakes necessarily resulting in full discharge to earth with all that that can entail, especially if the transmission path is through a human body.

Sensing and recognising partial escapes of electrical potential from the conductors, is the best way that people working close to the electricity supply network can gain valuable experience from mistakes. By doing so we hope that will help them recognise accidents in the making so they can more effectively mitigate against those accidents in the future.

Training, prevention and experience are all absolutely essential, but if all else fails, the Energised Alert alarms are designed to go off when the vehicle, machine or item of plant to which it is connected, becomes energised with transmission voltages. 

After all, that is the point when the accident becomes acutely and imminently life threatening.

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